This game has been developed for Weekly Game Jam 95, and is still under development.

At this stage the game is a very simple game based on zombies' hordes but I'm going to add further modes.



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Cool little game. The top down characters were quite well done.

The flame jets seemed a bit abrupt -- you could just spam click and the sound effect would keep cutting in and out. Would be good to have a build-up state to the full flame jet, where it fades in the sound and the flames increase in size until they match the normal flames. The flame jet collision also seemed to be a little iffy at times.

The background was pretty hard to see, particularly on the web player.


Hello! Thank you for your comment.

Regarding the collision of the flame it is intentional but I will change it; I made this choice because the "zombies" do not have a real AI but they just follow the player. Everything would have become too simple if the flame had hit more of a zombie at a time but this often causes problems in collision detection.

Anyway, as I told you, everything will be changed soon.

For the sound you gave me a nice idea and I will follow your advice.

Finally, as far as the background and lights are concerned, you're absolutely right but I didn’t even notice them. I will change these aspects and improve the scenario to make it more realistic.

Thanks again and if you have any suggestions please feel free to write to me.